What a woman wants it’s a mystery they say,

It’s a riddle,

Laughed at and swept under the carpet of humor.

But never dug in deep and never asked why does she want what she wants?

As a tiny bud, she rejoices in the arms of her parents,

She wants to explore, see the world around,

She is stopped, asked to be aware of the vicious hounds that may prey on her innocence.

She closes those tiny wings in fear.

There is a ruthless world outside.

Yet slowly she learns to fly with her parents around her.

But wait she just can’t start flying.

The same place which is her abode of confidence her place of belonging.

They rob her away from it entrusting her to someone she hardly knew.

Even if the one responsible for her now loves her, adores her still some questions are left unanswered in her mind.

If she is abused in any way physical, mental, or verbal she lands in an abyss for life.

And yet people ask what does a woman want!

If loved, within years they will be tiny buds blossoming, but the questions were never answered.

They remain inside deep down hidden but still the same what does a woman want?

To match the needs of the tiny ones her every need is buried.

Her now  wings shelter  them and have long forgotten to fly

Still, they ask what does a woman want?

How did these tiny ones come into being?

She faced death to bring forth a new life.

She distributed her nutrition so that the tiny ones have a good chance in life.

She merged her days into nights and nights into days.

How easily they ask what a woman wants?

But don’t worry today I’ll tell you what they want

It’s no mystery or a riddle neither do they demand a shrine to be engraved forever

Oh! Yes, my dear! Women do not need you to be Shajahan to profess your love for generations to come.

They need simple things

Empathy, compassion, kindness, gratitude, identity, and yes the most important, the magical one, LOVE!!

Show empathy, show care, show you hear, when they are the most venerable

Give them a moment just to be them no matter how flawed.

Sometimes they do not need to be perfect, need not be the superwoman everyone thinks they are.

There are questions, dreams buried deep inside her soul.

Help her connect with it.

Don’t keep asking what she wants, because she might herself not know.

It’s not rocket science, dear men, sometimes all you need is to dig in deep, and then you’ll know what a woman wants.

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