There are times when we as parents see a spark of ourselves in our kids and it’s that priceless moment when you feel every sacrifice you made as worthy.

This poem is a reflection of such a moment in my life.

A glittering star you are beginning to shine.

Amidst clouds of such uncertainty.

But your innocence and charm have lit every dark gloom.

Had never imagined my baby had grown.

Like a tiny bud, you are blossoming 

Ready to enchant the world around you with your fragrance

There is still time for you to leave my nest.

It seems a lie I am trying to convince.

Rather than protecting you from the fall, it’s time to teach you to soar high above all.

My dearest daughter seeing a fragment of me in you has left me speechless and in total awe.

Those dreams of leaving an impact and making your own identity.

It seems I am discovering myself, dreaming once again with you.

But this I would promise me and you, ill walk you through every obstacle.

And make sure you just don’t dream like me but watch them become true.

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