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Just Launched: Embrace Your Beauty with ‘Allah Made You Beautiful

Enter the captivating world of "Allah Made You Beautiful," a book that celebrates the unique beauty in each one of us. Written with warmth and understanding, this book is more than just a story – it's a reminder to embrace ourselves just as we are. With every page, it encourages us to see the beauty in our differences and the special way we've been made by the Almighty. Through simple words and

The Patriarchy of a Son

It’s a boy, exclaimed the doc.See!! You delivered a boy, and he is one healthy guy! I was still numbed by my pain, it didn’t matter what it was as long as the pain was gone. The child was healthy, born…


What a woman wants it’s a mystery they say, It’s a riddle, Laughed at and swept under the carpet of humor. But never dug in deep and never asked why does she want what she wants? As a tiny bud,…

Back to blogging

Yep, back again after trying to test waters in so many other stuff. But yes I am back to make this space my comfort zone from where I’ll be sharing the various experiences of being a Muslim mom in the…