8 Islamic Solutions for a Muslimahs in hardships

Islamic solutions for the hardships faced by Muslim women include:

1. Seeking knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings and principles in order to empower oneself and make informed decisions.

2. Turning to Allah through prayer and seeking His guidance and support.

3. Building and maintaining positive relationships with family, community, and other supportive individuals.

4. Seeking help and support from Islamic organizations and resources that focus on the needs and rights of women.

5. Adhering to Islamic moral principles and values, such as modesty, patience, and forgiveness, in order to maintain inner strength and resilience.

6. Supporting other Muslim women and working together to address shared concerns and challenges.

7. Seeking help from Scholars, Imams and Islamic counselor for guidance and counseling.

8. Building and strengthening the Muslim community for support and upliftment of Muslim women.

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